Adjunct Faculty

  • Faculty includes 3 professors, and 2 associate-professors.
  • An increasing number of Ph.D. graduates return to CMUD to provide professional services.
Name Title Qualification Specialities Teaching Courses
Brent Pen-Jen Lin Professor CORO Center for Civic Leadership San Francisco
The UCSF Faculty Leadership Collaborative Program January-May, 2007
Training in Faculty Leadership certificate May 30, 2007
St. Barnabas Hospital Bronx, NY
The New York Hospital –Cornell Medical Center 1999-2001
Residency in Pediatric Dentistry certificate June 30, 2001
Yale –New Haven Hospital New Haven, CT
Yale University School of Medicine 1998-1999
General Practice Residency in Dentistry certificate June 30, 1999
University of Michigan Medical Center Ann Arbor, MI
Physician –Dentist Faculty Training Program 1995-1997
Fellowship in Geriatric Dentistry certificate June 30, 1997
Temple University School of Dentistry Philadelphia, PA
Dental Medicine 1988-1992
Doctor of Dental Medicine diploma May 21, 1992
Baylor University Waco, TX
Honors Program in Chemistry / Mathematics 1987-1988
oral health disparities, dental materials, health care education, and the relationship between oral diseases and systemic diseases in children and older adults associate clinical professor
director, pre-doctoral pediatric dentistry program
director, UCSF-ACMC pediatric dentistry externship program
pediatric dentist
Hsiu-Jung Lo Professor Indiana University Department of Biology Microbiology Oralmicrobiology
Jeng Fen, Liu Professor DDS, MS, U of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA Pediatrics Pedodontics
Hua-Hong Chien Associate Professor 1980: Graduate - Cheng-Kun High School, Taipei, Taiwan.
1986: D.D.S. - School of Dentistry, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan.
1997: Ph.D. –State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA.
1997: Certificate in Periodontics - State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA.
Periodontology Periodontology
Feng-Chi Chen Assistant Professor National Tsing Hua University Evolution Bone Biology