Missions and Educational Objectives


The mission of CMUD is to improve the oral health of people in central Taiwan and shape the future of dentistry by:

  1. developing exemplary clinicians, educators and scientists.
  2. caring for the needs of a diverse community.
  3. serving as a leader in health professions education.
  4. seeking innovations in science, education and health care delivery.


CMUD is committed to provide educational programs that foster professionalism, critical thinking and life-long learning.

Predoctoral Education Objectives

  1. Review the predoctoral dental curricula to enhance the learning sequence and eliminate redundancy.
  2. Develop/improve the predoctoral dental competency-based evaluation systems and their associated competency documents.

Advanced Education Objectives

  1. Develop/improve the quality and availability of advanced clinical training in the dental specialties for clinical residents.

Continuing Education Objective

  1. Offer a broad spectrum of continuing education options that are accessible to all dental professions.


The School of Dentistry (CMUD) was established in 1980. As a highly acclaimed professional resource for dental education in the nation and the latest provider of oral health care services in the central Taiwan area, CMUD is dedicated to combining higher education and research with community service. To promote the graduate education, the master program was established in 2006 offered 3-year program.

Most of our faculty received advanced specialty training either from the USA or Japan. A major part of them also combined with Ph.D. training which leads to a diverse research interests including dental material development, dental biomechanical research, regenerative reaction, molecular investigation on signal transduction in periodontology, implant related research, etc. Besides, the institute has three professional laboratories to support research: dental material laboratory, biomechanics laboratory, and oral biology laboratory. We purpose to be the expert institute in Taiwan.


Becomes the national first dentist institute and have the dentist department authenticates (International Accreditation on Dental Education) through ADA(American Dental Association). Impetus all studies to have the atmosphere of researches according to each teacher specialty, achieved equilibrium of development the dentist study theory and the applied research, encourages the community to study achieved the technical conformity the goal, cross is cooperates and international exchanges increases student's field of vision. Positively solicits originally is studies becomes repatriates the alumnus to join the teaching, deepens originally is depth of and the breadth the battle formation, your favor large number of students.