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UBC 2017 VSP


the registration deadline for the 2017 UBC Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is approaching. For the July 15-August 15 session, the registration deadline is on 31st March 2017.  We encourage your students to sign up early in order for them to secure their first priority.


For your convenience, please find the following 2017 VSP information materials and registration forms for both sessions attached to this email.


1.      July VSP Overview  

2.      July VSP Course Package Descriptions 

3.      July VSP Next Steps Guide 

4.      July VSP Student Registration Form 



This year, the VSP also runs for an earlier session from June 4-July 4, 2017. Should students be interested, the registration deadline for this session is on 28th February 2017. For further information, you can refer to our website here.

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